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Spiritual Secrets Of Life

  • B#3 The Mind and Consciousness

    The mind is always conventional. The mind works like a robot; it is repetitious and mechanical all the time. Intelligence is not a part of the mind. There has never been an intelligent mind. I don’t want to imply that bright individuals have never existed; they have, but an intelligent mind has never existed. The moment the mind is put aside, intelligence emerges. Never is the mind radical or original. The man seems to be asleep. Man lives in a daze; he moves, works, gives birth, lives, and dies, but he’s virtually sleeping and snoring simultaneously. The thinking of man is pretty dull. The mind is tedium. The mind is not intelligent.

    MIND keeps repeating the exact phrase over and over again. It works much like a computer: whatever you give it, it keeps chewing repeatedly. Have you observed the operation of your mind? It never encounters anything new. It cannot experience any new things. And as a result, you continue to ignore what is happening around you and remain unaware of it. Your attachment to this subpar, pointless instrument is excessive. It is beneficial to use, suitable as a memory or reservoir, and helpful in keeping records, but it cannot provide a window into reality. It is eyeless. An enlightened person’s mind is like a bat. It has no eyes. Only no-mind is intelligent; the mind can never be wise. Only NO-MIND is revolutionary.

    This mind makes you feel somewhat stupefied. At the very least, you continue to live burdened by your recollections of the past and your expectations for the future. You do not live to the fullest. Your flame is still extremely faint. As soon as you begin to let go of your thoughts and the dust accumulated over the years, a fresh, pure, vibrant, and youthful flame appears. Your entire life turns into a smokeless, raging blaze. That is what being conscious is.

    Awareness can be defined as consciousness without thought. Being aware and liberated. Try it! Disperse any clusters of thought you notice! Take a break from it! Without any mental filters in the way, focus on the mountains. Listen to the birds without your mind chirping in the background. Look at the moon in the sky and feel that a moon of consciousness is also shining within you, but don’t consider it, make an assertion, proclaim it, or say it. Just being. And eventually, you’ll start experiencing startling flashes of awareness, as if a breath of fresh air had just blown into a chamber that had been growing stuffy and lifeless; as if a ray of light had just pierced the darkness of your spirit; as if life had just abruptly summoned you back.

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    The truth of Life is what it is. Nothing can be said about truth. Everything that can be said about truth disproves it.

    There is no justification required. The reality is it was totally unexpected and sudden. It encompasses you. Both inside and outside of you are it. It is unnecessary to draw any conclusions from it. It has already been resolved! It includes you. Without it, you cannot exist. It is impossible to lose it. It is impossible to get sidetracked from it. Even if you are unconscious and asleep, you are still a part of it.

    Therefore, philosophy won’t be of any use to individuals who are familiar with the truth. The more you seek knowledge of the truth, the more quickly you fall asleep. You are misled by your own attempts to learn. Although it cannot be known, the truth can be sensed. When I say that anything can be sensed, I mean that you can be in the moment and experience it. A meeting could perhaps happen. You might merge with it and become one with it. It cannot, however, be known.

    You cannot objectify the truth. It is impossible to place it there and see it. It cannot be held in your hand and seen. By merging with it, you can sense it only from the inside; you cannot analyze it from the outside. The feeling is the only knowledge possible. Thus, people in the know proclaim: Love is the way to go.

    Knowledge is a form of ignorance. Ignorance is a very lovely word. It becomes “ignor-ance” when you divide it in two. Reality can be disregarded. Otherwise, truth is already present. Thus that is what ignorance is. The definition of ignorance is just a refusal to acknowledge the truth that WHICH IS. And a person of knowledge actually gets more ignorant because the more he believes he knows, the more he can ignore reality. He no longer has the vision to look at reality because he is too caught up in his theories, dogmas, creeds, and scriptures. His perception is obscured by words and verbalizations. That which is, he cannot see.

    The more your mind controls you and the more of a mind you are, the more you will be able to disregard reality. There is no need for knowledge; childlike innocence is enough. Open, susceptible, not attempting to know. Violence stems from the very act of seeking knowledge. You have violated reality in your very attempt to comprehend. Your attempt to discover has turned you into a voyeur. You’ve attacked truth and are now attempting to rape it.

    A rape of reality is what science is. The verb “to know” is the source of the term “science.” Science is knowledge. Religion does not equate to knowledge. Religion is love; the root of “religion” denotes tying together, falling in love, or uniting.

    Truth is felt. It’s a real-life experience. Everything that can be said about the truth is, therefore, false. It becomes untrue just because it has been said. Truth has nothing to do with anything that has been stated thus far or will be said in the future. There is no way to put it into words. The truth is difficult to find. It is impossible to describe verbally. It is not something you can grasp with your mind. Since the mind is anti-truth in its very functioning, it keeps neglecting it. The way the mind works is non-existential; it operates in the past or the future, which is not there. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and the mind can only work in one of those two periods. In the present, there is no MIND.

    The mind operates in the fictional, the imaginary, and the nonexistent. The ability to dream is a capacity of the mind. Since the mind cannot know the truth, I will say it cannot be known. Truth is experienced by your heart and absolute self, not just your mind, and by you as an organic whole. When you witness the truth, you know it from head to toe, from your bones to your guts, blood to your heart, breathing, and very being. By being, one knows the truth. Experience is what it is.

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  • B#1 Life’s Spiritual Secrets

    Life has no secrets, or you may say Life is an open secret. There are no secrets. You only need eyes to see, nothing more.

    It’s like a blind person insisting, “I want to learn the secret of light,” when all he really needs is eye treatment to enable him to see. There is light; this is not a mystery. But there is no light for him because he is blind. So what can be said about light? He doesn’t even experience darkness because eyes are required to see even in darkness. Darkness is invisible to the blind. They are two sides of the same coin; if you can see the dark, you can also see the light. The blind individual has no knowledge of either darkness or light. He now wishes to understand the secrets of light. Only by treating his eyes will we be able to assist him; teaching him vital light-related realities won’t be helpful.

    There is light; this is not a mystery. There is life, and life is not a mystery.

    Life is an open hand, not a fist. But people like the notion that there are hidden secrets in Life. To compensate for their ignorance, they have invented the concept of esoteric knowledge that is either unavailable to the general public or accessible to great adepts who reside in Tibet or the Himalayas, are no longer physically present, and can only be seen by a select group of people. Since you wish to avoid seeing because you are aware of your blindness, all kinds of rubbish have been spread throughout history. You don’t remark, “I am blind,” but rather, “Life’s secrets are highly concealed; they are not readily available. You will require a strong beginning.

    Darkness is invisible to the blind. For an unawakened person, life is a mystery.

    In no way is Life esoteric. Whatever you come across is Life in all its splendor; it is written on every tree leaf, every seashore stone, and within each ray of the sun. Life doesn’t fear you, so why would it try to hide? In reality, you are striving to conceal yourself at all times. You are protecting yourself from Life because you are afraid of it. Because death is a regular part of Life, you are scared to live. It is necessary to let the past die every moment. That’s a big life necessity, and it’s easy if you realize that the past is history. Snap out of it or slip out of it! It’s completed. Don’t carry on with the chapter; end it! Then Life is open to you.

    However, you are still living in the past; the effects of the past continue to linger around you. The aftermath of the past pushes you toward the future rather than bringing you to the present. Therefore, you are either in your memories or in your imagination. There are only two ways to miss Life; if there were none, there would be no need to do so. Simply leave your memories and your imagination.

    It is necessary to let the past die every moment.

    The past is gone, and the future is not yet here; both are nonexistent. The moment is the only thing that exists. Divine is now. Everything is suddenly apparent when you walk through the doors of the now/present.

    If you’ve ever wondered, “HOW CAN I LEARN THE SECRETS OF LIFE?” read on.

    It is more a matter of unlearning than of learning, really. You already know far too much about the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Koran, Bible, and Talmud. There are countless scriptures inside of you that are shouting, warring, and competing with one another to get your attention. It’s chaos in your head! It is a multitude, and it is crammed. Unlearn! Unlearn everything you have learned up to this point.

    Unlearning is the process that can bring you to that beautiful realm of not knowing, and awakened people are right when they declare that NOT KNOWING IS THE MOST INTIMATE and then watch Life without endeavoring to comprehend it.

    You’ve gotten so used to interpretation. You automatically repeat phrases you have heard others say as soon as you view the sunset: “What a beautiful sunset! You’re not even staring at the sunset. Therefore you’re not saying anything meaningful. You haven’t let it get all the way to your heart. You don’t experience any awe. You are not in awe of anything. You have not knelt on the ground. You are not gazing intently and without blinking. No such thing. Just a passing comment: “What a beautiful sunset! Just a style of talking, a mannerism, demonstrating your culture and sophistication, your understanding of what beauty is, your keen aesthetic sense, and your deep sensitivity to the natural world. You are not observing the sunset. Ever catch a glimpse of the sunset? If you had looked, you wouldn’t have needed to ask; the sunset would have answered all your questions. Ever taken a close look at a sunflower? Yes, you agree, “It is beautiful! You can say, “A sunflower is a sunflower,” but you do not actually see a sunflower. You are overflowing with words and different vocabulary, including poetic and philosophic, yet there is a wall, a China Wall, standing between you and the sunflower. You’re hiding behind that wall, I see.

    The past is gone, and the future is not yet here; both are nonexistent.

    And life continues on, completely bare, completely available. An unknowing condition and an empty place to take it in and receive it are all needed. Life only becomes a guest when you are in a condition of unknowing, at which point you are the host. Simply observe without making any judgments. Say nothing at all; don’t use the words “good,” “awful,” “beautiful,” or “ugly.” Simply observe with mindless eyes, like a mirror, without speaking or allowing your mind to enter the scene. The sun, moon, stars, trees, people, animals, and birds reflect off of them, as do the moon and stars. Your being will be filled with life. Furthermore, it is an endless supply of energy. Energy is bliss.

    Energy is a delight, as William Blake once said. And when life pours its force into your being, it revitalizes and renews you; you are perpetually born again.

    Every SINGLE MOMENT, an actual, living individual is BORN. He constantly appears young and fresh. He remains vibrant and young even after death. Life is giving him more and more vigor even as he is dying. His method of living, which is mindless, enables him to see both life and death.

    Just keep an eye out, be aware, and act in innocence. Your query appears to be accurate.

    How can I discover life’s secrets, you ask?

    Still inquiring in the manner of a student, a young boy. Every instant, life is ready to welcome you. You are avoiding life because you are afraid, right? You desire to live life on your terms. You want life to be Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, but life is not capable of doing that. You desire a life that complies with the Gita or the Koran, but life cannot do so.

    Do not impose restrictions on life. Putting restrictions on life is brutal, illogical, and unpleasant. Keep your heart open in all ways, and you’ll soon start to hear bells ringing that is in harmony with the entire. A melody is created, and music emerges. As a learner and a knower, you are no longer distinct. As an observer, you are ultimately not even separate; ultimately, the observer and the observed merge into one. That is the point at which you become enlightened, or a Buddha when you are an integral and inseparable part of the entire. If that is the case, why study anything when you are life? You are not distinct from it; you ARE it. Who will learn, and what will they learn? You are the life. Then comes experiencing: not knowing but experiencing, not knowing but knowing wisdom.

    Observe only. Just have an open mind and observe. And you’ll begin to go forward with life gradually. Slowly, gradually, you won’t stay apart; you’ll go through life, and Being religious is adhering to life. It is religious not to follow Buddha or Christ but to follow your own path in life.

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